Double Award Winning!! West Middlesex Pub of the Year 2018 & Ealing Pub of the Year 2018!!

No idea why it’s taken me quite so long to cement my double award winning in a blog post! If you don’t know (as I’m clearly not very good at telling people about it) earlier this year, on top of winning Ealing Pub of the Year 2018, The Dodo Micropub was also crowned West Middlesex Pub of the Year 2018! WOOO HOOOOOO!!!!

The awards presentation took place in April where the (then) Mayor of Ealing, Simon Woodroffe and Roy Tunstall, Chairman for the West Middlsex Branch of CAMRA, presented me with my two awards!

Here’s a photo re-cap for those that weren’t there on the night. It was a jolly good night of celebrations and you really did miss a grand old party!

Ealing Pub Of The Year 2018 & West Middlesex Pub of The Year 2018.JPG

To win the borough and overall region pub of the year awards having only launched the business under 14 months previous is really bloody mind blowing! Especially as I tend to live day by day always feeling like I don’t really know what I’m doing as a business owner!

It was in fact a nice conversation with patrons Jan & Tom that brought it all home shortly after the West Middlesex Pub of the Year win was announced. Jan was so proud of my achievement on my behalf that she welled up thinking about how far I’ve come in such a short space of time!!! This actually happened and I was really blown away and in turn forced to take in the winning “properly”. Thanks Jan for providing all the feels and for making me fix up and accept that hard work really does pay off!

This may never come around again for The Dodo Micropub, so for now, just let me bask in the glory and the kindness of those who were good enough to vote for a new and not a typically CAMRA-esque pub.

It’s not just Jan and Tom who deserve a shout out as everyone has been so bloody lovely!! My fab regular faces and people completely new to The Dodo have all been so kind with their words (at least to my face).  So thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

It really does remind me of exactly why I set up a micropub in the first place and exactly why I have the best job in the world!!

I printed a little message in this year’s Ealing Beer Festival programme for you all to see but in case you missed it, simply and sincerely …


It really does mean so much!!

And we bloody well did it together!!

Team Dodo & the Hanwell Massive!!