CAMRA Women In Beer Feature

CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) are celebrating the #SummerOfPub. Get it, a play on words on the Summer of Love?!

Anyhow, part of this campaign is a series of ‘Women In Beer’ interviews and here I am third up in the series!

You can read the full interview here, if indeed you’d like to know what one of my cheesiest pub memories is!! CRINGE!

Siren Tap Takeover Fun With Cheese!

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Siren Craft Brew Tap Takeover at the end of May! It was a VERY FULL HOUSE!

As I suspected, Hanwell had been waiting just as eagerly as I had for Siren to come on down and grace our board with their delicious beers.

Not only did Jamie from Siren chat to as many of the Hanwell Massive as possible about the glorious beers we had on but he also brought cheese pairings with him!! Yummy! Beer and cheese! What more could you possibly ask for?

Re-live the evening here -

Elusive Brewing Tap Takeover & Beat The Brewer!

Here at The Dodo Micropub, we love showcasing and supporting exciting, independent microbreweries producing some of the best beer the UK has to offer!

There’s a whole new section on this new look website dedicated to our events so do join us when you can as they’re a whole lot of fun.

Here’s a re-cap of our Tap Takeover and Beat The Brewer event with Andy from Elusive Brewing. He brought down his retro gaming vibes for a little Chuckie Egg tornament alongside general beer tastings and beery fun –

Small Biz Experts Interview

At the beginning of this year, Small Biz Experts came on down to The Dodo Micropub to film this little interview.

My advice at the end for anyone wanting to open up their own small business is me as a business owner all over! Just go and do it, be brave, have no fear but also measure everything, assess risks, don’t be too silly! Ha ha!!

Watch the interview below –

Cheers 2018 & Here’s To Scheming & Plotting In 2019!

Cheers 2018 & Here’s To Scheming & Plotting In 2019!

So here we are in a new year and I’m oficially “on holiday” in Hanwell. Who needs a new year trip to Sri Lanka? Well, me, as evidently I’m clearly rubbish at switching off from work mode! To be fair, on day one of my “holiday” I did throw myself into out of office mode. I had a relaxing facial and was so in the zen zone that I didn’t even realise my bag and wallet had been lifted from my posession in the pit of hell that is Lidl! Lesson learnt, I’m just not built for the chilled life!