Winner at The Young British Food & Drink Awards 2019!

Say whaaaaat? I’ve now processed all the information; the initial shock has subsided, and I think the occasion deserves a bloomin’ blog update!

If you don’t know, seriously, where have you been? I’ve mentioned it A LOT already!!

The Dodo Micropub won the Alcohol Category at The Young British Food & Drink Awards 2019!!

On the evening of the 24 September 2019, I rocked up at Ennismore Sessions House in Clerkenwell in a dramatically sleeved pink velvet dress and my trainers just expecting to have a very good night out drinking amazing cocktails and eating exceptional food. It was a given that you’d find these two things at The Young British Food & Drink Awards (The YBFs) and I was there for it - physically, mentally and spiritually!

The hard bit about the Awards had been tackled earlier that month. I got to stand in front of three incredible judges / industry peers serving up one of the last remaining bottles of The Dodo (batch 2) pillaged from our friends and fellow Hanwell Massive, Weird Beard. Despite my mouth being BONE DRY with excitement and nerves, I managed to chat through The Dodo Micropub and what the business concept was all about.  

The YBFs Alcohol Category 2019 judged by Ryan Chetiyawardana, Alice Lascelles & Rob Simpson

I was happy with my presentation and completely buzzing after that meeting for even making it as a Finalist but *genuinely* didn’t think I would end up the winner!

In my head I had picked a winner from the Alcohol Category and it wasn’t me. In my head, all my fellow finalists were propelling the drinks industry forward in a disruptive, commendable way that I was fully in awe of while The Dodo Micropub was taking it back to the good old days when the Great British Pub was not just a place to drink but a unique social centre. Keeping things distinctively simple!

I (well, my best friend Dana) took a photo as we arrived at the awards do. The caption under that photo read, “Whatever the outcome of tonight’s awards, I was brave enough to put The Dodo Micropub out there to be seen and stand alongside the very best in British Food and Drink!”

Fast forward to the middle of the night at The YBFs and this …

Woo hoo! The Dodo Micropub announced the winner of the Alcohol Category at The YBFs 2019!
Photo credit - Justin D’Souza

The sum of hard work, resilience and a little lesson in believing in and backing yourself!

Despite several of you advising me to write some words in case I won, I brushed off that advice because I thought it was never going to happen. Despite Dana (excellent bestie) grabbing my bag, cocktail and anything else I was holding as the category reel was playing ready to announce the winner believing it was going to be me, I was just getting ready to make some noise for the other person who I thought was going to be the winner!

I don’t normally enjoy being wrong but by golly what an incredible feeling it was to be oh so wrong on this occasion!!!

Deep down I valued my work and obviously believed somewhere in my gut that The Dodo Micropub was capable otherwise I would never have entered the awards in the first place. There was always a glimpse of the potential, but this was the life / business lesson I probably needed. The sum of hard work and determination rewarded in the best way possible and a real lesson in self-belief and backing yourself 100% like any self-respecting #girlboss would naturally do!

So, I bloody did it!!

I won and I’m so utterly proud that the judges selected The Dodo Micropub because it offers something everyone needs a bit more of right now – community!! << Their actual words before they announced the winner of The YBFs Alcohol category!


The reason why I launched The Dodo Micropub and the whole purpose of it is community and I’m so over the moon that this has been acknowledged by those who know a damn thing or two about the hospitality / drinks industry! I mean, the owner of the world’s best bar 2018 was one of the judges people!!! FLIPPING HELL!!


Without it sounding like a bloomin’ Oscars speech (although this was like my very own boozy, London version of The Oscars so bear with if you’re still reading) - thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who supports The Dodo Micropub. Without people in, without the team and without the best patrons ever there would be no business! Literally!   

Seriously - to have created a business that means something to people is a real honour! REAL HONOUR and I don’t mean that lightly!

It’s what drives me to keep working really bloody hard and keep pushing on even when those little annoying doubts creep in.

It’s what makes all the sacrifices worthwhile for now because I’m confident deep down that one day this won’t always be the case for me and my business.

It’s the highs like this that make the lows completely worth it!

It’s not always glam awards, winning and fancy dresses and by no means is it always easy running The Dodo Micropub but it’s genuine, it’s done with heart and it’s got the potential to be bigger than just the Hanwell Massive (one day).

I’m still on cloud nine quite frankly and winning The YBFs has given me the courage to 1.) believe a bit more and 2.) be louder and prouder because it will all be worth it in the end!

Cheesy but terrifically true!

Thank you again! Thank you a million times over!!

See you in for a beer or two soon please!

Lucy x