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The Dodo Micropub X Weird Beard Collaboration Beer!

Weird Beard Brew Co X The Dodo Micropub collab.jpg


Yo! It’s a dream come true! The Dodo Micropub and Weird Beard Brew Co have made a collaboration beer together!! The Dodo beer is coming soon so put Thursday 13th September in your diaries for our launch event! We’re open in the evening from 5pm – 10pm so get in early to grab a seat.

We will be pouring The Dodo beer (cask available exclusively at The Dodo!!) plus having a Weird Beard Tap Takeover party! As you lot know, there ain’t no party like a Weird Beard party!

Yes, the collaboration beer is actually called The Dodo! So on brand for both beer businesses because in-keeping with Weird Beard’s musically named beers, it is in fact a song title of the punk rock band called Bad Religion. Weird Beard Bryan has in fact seen them live in the states. The lyrics are pretty apt for me too considering I left the corporate world to go and work in a much nicer environment full of happy, less evil beer people.

Among the commuters, dwarfed by the skyscrapers
I watch the countless millions fighting for space
See hateful, petty acts, disjointed images, 
And can’t believe that I’m one of the same race.

We’re all just struggling to cope
And we come to a fork in the road
As we watch our foundations erode
There’s only one direction to go.

It’s the way of the dodo
Such a noble destiny…

The Dodo, Bad Religion.

The Dodo collaboration beer is a juicy DDH oatmeal pale ale at 4.6% and joining The Dodo on the night we also have Sour Slave, Black Perle, Weird Wired and Hit The Lights.

See you then! It’s going to be a lot of fun!

A few snaps from the brew day for you! Even fulfilled my dream of climbing into a mash tun!

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Dodo Micropub Collaboration Beer with Weird Beard Brew Co.JPG
Dodo Micropub cleaning out the mash tun.JPG